Grade 4 Materials List

Wheatley School

Grade 4 Materials
Mr. M. Kovacs

Please ensure that all material and articles of uniform are labeled
with your child’s name.

❏ 1 fabric pencil case
❏ 12 wooden pencils – Blue Staedler HB2-sharpened (labeled with your name) –or
2 packages of mechanical pencils (label each pencil)
❏ 2 white erasers clearly labeled with child’s name
❏ 3 highlighters
❏ 1 set of 24 Staedtler plain pencil crayons—name on each pencil
❏ 1 glue stick, ❏ 15 cm ruler, ❏ 1 pencil sharpener with shaving case
❏ 10 pc geometry set
❏ 1 pkg of 12 classic colours, thick, washable markers in a ziplock bag
❏ 3 duotangs with pockets and page fasteners
❏ one 2 ” black binder
❏ 1 package of dividers for binders
❏ 1 pair of scissors
❏ 1 ART shirt (an old adult t-shirt to be kept in the child’s locker)
❏ 1 drawstring bag for P.E uniform (10.00 from Wheatley), ❏ 1 pair of white‐soled
(non‐scuffing) P.E. running shoes (to be kept in the child’s locker)
❏ $8.00 cash in an envelope with your child’s name, labeled “Recorder” if
he/she does not already have one.

New Students please bring as well as:
❏ 1 clip board
❏ 1 black, hard covered composition book (24.7cmx19cm)
❏ 1 coloured, hard covered composition book (24.7cmx19cm)

Please do not bring anything that is not on the list. (NO black leather running shoes).

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