Letter to Parents – August 201

August, 2017

Dear Parents:


Please take care to re-address your family’s personal information form and up-date any and all necessary pieces of information beginning with the child’s grade change.  At this time, please up-date any changes, additions or deletions with regard to your child’s allergy issue/s or health issues.


New families to Wheatley, “Welcome”!  Kindly complete the information form in its entirety.  Also, you will need to complete the immunization form, attaching a copy of both the birth certificate and immunization card.  I will gladly photocopy your birth certificate and the immunization card for you if need be.   


All children 18 months to 3.8 years of age must complete a:

  • Medical Information Form
  • Lunch Lady Allergy Form

Please know that for the children who are on our anaphylactic watch list:

  • please complete the two forms
  • we will need five (5) new photos of your child

The same is required for severe medical conditions.

  • please complete the form
  • we will need five (5) new photos of your child


The office is open in August. If you are in the area, please drop in with your paperwork and say hello.   The forms with photos must be dropped off in August

The forms need to be record and the photos posted before the first day of school.

7Wheatley School offers you the opportunity, for your child to participate in private

music lessons; the options being piano and voice..  Should you have an interest please pick up a Music Form from the office on the first day of school.


Many thanks,