Wheatley October 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Dates & Events

  • Wednesday, October 10th ~ Shaw Festival, Gr. 4-7, 2:00 pm performance Dan Nel Bus leaves school at 1:30 pm and returns at 4:30 pm.
  • Thursday, October 11 ~ PIZZA DAY
  • Monday, October 15th Picture Day~ Lower & Upper Elementary (Gr.1-8) Full Uniform
  • Tuesday, October 16th ~ Picture Day, Toddler & Casa Please note Sibling Pictures taken on Picture Re-Take Day
  • Tuesday, October 16th ~ Top Marks uniform rep, Mrs. Fieguth, will be here from 8:30-10:30 am to answer any uniform questions. Please note, pieces of our P.E. uniform were updated 3 years ago. Blue t-shirts are to be worn for P.E.
  • Wednesday, October 17th ~ Gr. 8 to Shaw Festival 2:00 pm performance Wheatley School Bus leaves at 1:30 pm and returns at 5:30 pm.
  • Thursday, October 18th ~ PITA DAY
  • Friday, October 19th ~ Gr. 3&4 Field Trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto ( Nel Bus leaves school at 7:15 am returns at 4:00 pm.
  • Tuesday, October 23rd ~ Field Trip, all Pod 1 & Pod II children to Puddicombe Farm (
  • Thursday, October 25th ~ PIZZA DAY
  • Friday, October 26th ~ Mid-Term Reports (Lower & Upper Elementary)
  • Wednesday, October 31st ~ Halloween Celebration & Dace-a-Thon Students dress in Black& Orange (No costumes)

Principal’s Message
“Thank you to all our students, teachers and parents for such a positive start to the school year.
The students were very excited to be back to school. We had an excellent turnout at the Welcome Back BBQ. It was lovely to see our school community coming together again.
The start of a new school year is always filled with all kinds of possibilities, opportunities for growth in learning, and also change.
This year, we are introducing a new format for the Parent Newsletter. There is less content, yet still informative and emailed to you. Please let me what you think about this new structure (”


Montessori Corner

Mrs. Bell

Dr. Maria Montessori was an advocate for children to spend time outside to play, explore, and interact with nature. In today’s world, time for outdoor play is diminishing.



Cross Country- We Won!

Wheatley hosted the yearly Cross Country Meet which included students from Beacon, Calvary, Eagles Nestand NCC. Kudos to gout to our Grades 3-8 for running their best and winning the meet and to Mr. Hamilton and the rest of the staff for all their work.

Soccer- Upcoming Games
Grade 7/8 CO-ED SOCCER TOURNAMENT, Friday, Oct. 12 All day soccer tournament at NCC. School bus leaves at 8:30 am from Wheatley returning at 3:30 pm.

Grade 5/6 CO-ED SOCCER Tuesday, Oct. 16- Beacon vs Wheatley School
Thursday, Oct. 18- Wheatley vs Calvary

Wheatley Kids Makes A Difference

Sienna Szewczyk, a student in 6-9 South reached out to Wheatley School during the first week of October.   She asked our school community for support in offering aid to lost, sick and displaced animal victims of Hurricane Florence in North and South Carolina.

The response was overwhelming.  We worked with Brittany Condotta and the organization T.E.A.R.S to send some donations down to the states. The remaining donations will stay here in Canada to help animals here.

It is with the deepest gratitude that we thank the families of Wheatley School for their generous donations.  We would like to also offer a special mention of thanks to Dr. Tanya Lowrey for her donation of 20 bags and 10 cases of dog and cat food.

We are especially proud of Sienna for her initiative and interest in making a difference!

The importance of outdoor play in the early years

We live in a modern, technological and globalized world. There is less time for outdoor play and activity and our connection to the natural world is diminishing. Outdoor play is very important to the young child as it provides healthy growth, socialization and opportunities for creativity.

Bento and Dias (2017) tell us play promotes cognitive, social and emotional well-being and offers the necessary conditions for children to thrive and learn. Through play, children can experiment, solve problems, think creatively, cooperate with others, and gain a deeper knowledge about themselves and the world.

The outdoors is an open and constantly changing environment, where children can experience freedom, gross motor activity and be in contact with the natural world. When playing outside, children benefit from the exposure to sunlight, natural elements and open air which contribute to bone growth, stronger immune systems and physical activity.

Outdoor environments offer natural stimulus that captures children’s attention and interest. Sticks, rocks, soil, water, flowers, plants, bugs etc. are explored with curiosity and desire to learn. These experiences offer countless possibilities for play while mobilizing skills related to divergent thinking, creativity and problem solving among others. Interaction with natural elements also helps our children to build immunity. The outdoor environment offers a different atmosphere for socialization. There are natural opportunities for interaction and cooperation.

In the toddler environment we make sure to go outside daily so the children can take advantage of the fresh air and outdoor play time. The children enjoy gardening, digging, imaginative play, art activities, water play, gross motor activities, nature walks and so much more. We challenge you to take advantage of the opportunities that your natural environment can offer!

For more information on the benefits of outdoor play see the following articles and websites:
“Outdoor Play” by community playthings
“5 Benefits of outdoor learning in the early years” by: Early Years Resources
“The importance of outdoor play and its impact on brain development in children”
“Connecting children to nature in a Montessori primary environment”
“Ideas for children’s outdoor play areas and activities”

Bento, G., Dias, G., (2017). The importance of outdoor play for young children’s healthy
development. Retrieved from:

The inquiry journey into the Community Project

Mrs. I. Machinandiarena – IB MYP Coordinator

Once again, the Grade 8 students have started an exciting journey into the Community Project, a culminating task for schools ending the IB MYP in Grade 8. This project involves sustained inquiry and research, solidifying of approaches to learning (ATL) skills, as well as community service or service learning as action. ATL skills include research, self-management, thinking skills, communication and collaboration, and reflection skills. Action refers to learning by doing and experiencing. Furthermore, this action should be principled action, which involves a concern for integrity and honesty.

Our students are very familiar with community and service, as they have participated in different community service activities, such as helping out at Community Care, helping casa students to come in from noon recess and go into the lunchroom, buddy reading and creating books for the Grade 3 students. Service learning goes a step further and connects class learning with the real world. Grade 8 students went to the St. Catharines Public Library to start their research process, and parents attended a Community Project Information Night where they had the opportunity to understand how they can support their own children along the process. We are confident that our students, with supervisor support, will do great Community Projects again this year!