Upper Elementary Curriculum


Holistic education

Our upper elementary curriculum complements the Montessori philosophy of holistic education fostered in lower elementary. It builds on the Montessori philosophy of nurturing students to become independent learners. Each student’s individual needs are considered when planning curriculum, allowing them to challenge themselves in their particular areas of strength.

The curriculum offers our students the opportunity to solidify language skills, both spoken and written, including the study of grammar. And to solidify mathematical principles and their application in everyday life.

It also provides them the necessary tools to develop:

  • their knowledge of history and geography and the skills required to apply this knowledge to the analysis of future events in Canada and the world.
  • an understanding of scientific principles and methods and their applications.
  • systematic methods of research.
  • thinking and reflective skills to become an independent thinker.
  • an open minded attitude towards the world, its people, and respect for one’s own culture and the cultures of others.
  • respect for oneself, for others and for the environment into a self-sufficient, independent and responsible person.

I feel it’s vital to encourage our children to self direct and become independent. Montessori learning does this and so much more!