Areas of Study


Areas of Study: interrelated disciplines

Core subjects

Language, mathematics, history, geography and science. Although we follow the guidelines laid out by the Ministry of Education, we surpass their requirements. As we study various disciplines, we stress the interrelatedness of them. Through the study of different cultures, our students learn to appreciate the universal values common to civilized societies and the importance of intercultural awareness. Our program also stresses the importance of communication – a good command of one’s language enables clear expression of ideas, attitudes and feelings.


A variety of materials are used to implement topics covered in class, they include text, workbooks, DVDs and CDs, software and tests. Receiving instructions in french, our students are prepared to listen, read, write and speak the language.


The music program gives children an awareness of, and an opportunity to participate in, the joy, depth of expression and community experience that music can provide. In weekly classes, the basic tools of music, technical skills, and cultural and historical references are taught.


This program provides children with a wide range of materials, tools and projects that allows them to express themselves creatively as well as develop their artistic abilities over time.


Students develop verbal and non verbal communication skills, a sense of self expression and build their self-confidence as they participate in story theatre, choral speaking and role playing.

Physical education

Our child centered program respects the uniqueness of each student. Students are given the opportunity to develop and maintain a level of physical fitness proportionate with their individual abilities and physical needs, while satisfying the child’s love of movement. The in school classes follow a curriculum specific to each age group. The program also includes health studies and social skills training. An exciting and varied extracurricular sports program augments the physical education class. The teams compete with other schools in the area. The goal for our students is to develop skills and strategies, good sportsmanship and team spirit.

Outdoor education

This program emphasizes outdoor and conservation education through hands on participation in a variety of field activities.


Mac laptops are provided by the school for daily student use. They are a significant tool for the students, and are a part of their daily learning. Students use up-to-date programs that support the curriculum. Students become comfortable with technology and are very comfortable with its use and application.