Primary: Toddler

programs-primary-toddlerToddler program: Age 18 months to 3 years

Beginning school is a milestone in your child’s development. At Wheatley, we strive to make this a smooth and happy transition for both you and your toddler. The teacher will make your child feel welcome, loved, happy and confident in the Montessori environment.

Our program is based on the educational principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. We offer parents of young children the opportunity to begin their child’s education at the age of 18 months. With a very low child to teacher ratio, our nurturing environment is the ideal first step to a lifetime of healthy, happy learning.

The connection between the mind and body is integral to toddler development. The body helps the mind to make sense of the world through hands-on exploration, and the mind gains better control of the body as exploration occurs. Wheatley’s toddler classroom is a rich educational environment filled with activities that provides stimulation for whole child. As part of our curriculum, children experience music, art activities and a movement program on a daily basis – weather permitting, they spend time outside in their own playground. In addition, during the course of the school year, you will be invited to join your child on several unique field trips.

At this important time in his or her life, you can feel assured that at Wheatley your toddler is safe, well cared for and happy!

Toddler Program Focus

Along with making your child feel happy and safe, our program develops positive social growth, encourages creativity and involves parents in a positive learning experience. It focuses on the toddler child as a sensorial learner.

The Montessori classroom environment is set up to guide
each child in developing:

  • a positive self image and independence
  • language, listening and cognitive skills
  • an awareness of self, others and the natural environment
  • self control of body and voice
  • interest in and enjoyment of the printed word
  • a beginning appreciation of the arts (music, dance, art)
  • the love of learning

In preparation for the Casa class (3-6 year olds),
your child will be encouraged to:

  • become independent; for example, hang up his or her own coat
  • be aware of other’s needs and feelings
  • choose work from the shelf and return it to its proper place
  • be able to sit in circle for a period of time
  • develop large and fine motor skills
  • perform an activity from start to finish, including putting items away

As parents we need to make a lot of choices – Wheatley is one choice we have made for our children thatwe will never regret.