Children discover and learn from their own experiences

At Wheatley your child will flourish in our loving and caring environment. Our Montessori programs provide your child the opportunities to develop to his or her full potential. By following each child’s unique needs, we allow them to explore, create, and discover new things to satisfy their innate curiosity. They develop motor and perceptual skills as well as social, emotional and practical life skills. They are introduced to reading, math, history, geography and science.

In the prepared environment, our accredited Montessori Directresses and Directors lead the children to sound work habits, independence, responsibility and well developed social skills. With a sense of order and the ability to think in logical patterns, your child is ready to meet the academic challenges of up coming years.

The Montessori method allows children to discover and learn from their own experiences and is based on principles including observation, order, and independence, all in a loving and nurturing environment.

We offer a toddler program (starting at age 18 months) and a Casa Program for children age 3 to 6 years