Enriched Curriculum

A diverse learning environment

At Wheatley, we realize the importance in creating a rich, diverse learning environment in which children have the opportunity to explore a broad range of interests. Our Enriched Curriculum includes a variety of activities designed to enlighten as well as intrigue the young minds and bodies of our students.

Elementary students participate in activities outside of the school that are enriching to our program.

Scheduled throughout the school year are field trips to the theatre, art galleries and museums which support the curriculum and enrich learning.

Beginning in Grade 1, students are divided into Tribes. Each Tribe is made up of students from Grades 1-8. Tribes create school pride and spirit, a sense of community and a bond among students.

Our upper elementary students have an opportunity to play in House League during the lunch hour. For students seeking a higher level of competition, a variety of inter-school teams are organized after school hours. Wheatley has received the Quality Daily Physical Education Recognition Award from the Canadian Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Private piano lessons during school hours to interested students.


The teachers are enthusiastic about what they teach, and it’s hard not to get excited about the subjects along with them!

TERI, Wheatley Alumnus