Lower Elementary


Lower elementary: grades 1 to 4

Our lower elementary program provides a continuation of the Montessori method. Students coming from a Montessori preschool build on that experience.

Children are innately curious and joyful learners. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which our students discover and learn to appreciate the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life.

At this stage of development students are interested in reasons, explanations and time perspective, rather that just “what and where.” We recognize the individual needs and learning styles of each student and that educational success involves more than academic skills. Our well balanced program includes sports, music, art, horseback riding, tennis and many other extra curricular opportunities for the children to experience.

Each student is encouraged to work to his or her full potential. Children are allowed to make choices in the classroom and control their own pace of learning. Our students develop self confidence, independence, fine critical thinking skills and become excellent problem solvers.

Wheatley has, quite simply, encouraged and equipped my children with the desire and drive to work hard and independently.