International Students

Wheatley School (WS) is a vibrant, co-educational, independent, private school dedicated since 1986 to educating children from 2 to 14 years of age. Governed by a Board of Directors, WS does not receive any government funds or grants. It financially exists on tuition fees collected throughout the year.

Our School is located in the established city of St. Catharines, Ontario, and in the heart of the Niagara Region known for its beautiful parks, lakes, fruit farms, the breathtaking Niagara Falls and only 1.5 hours from the large city of Toronto.

WS fosters students’ academic excellence and supports them in developing personal integrity by encouraging a strong sense of self esteem and respect for self and others. Students are prepared to meet the challenges of life with confidence and to take responsible action.

“Our mission is to inspire students to become life-long learners within a nurturing and dynamic environment where children can fulfill their maximum potential. Our innovative curriculum develops caring and principled internationally –minded students who will become the leaders of tomorrow dedicated to making a difference and shaping a more peaceful world.”

International students have a rewarding experience at Wheatley. They participate in our enriched academic, arts and athletic program and at the same time experience life in a new culture. Students enjoy our caring environment, small classes and appreciate receiving individual attention and classes of support in English as Second Language (ESL).

It is very important to stress that when families send their son/daughter to pursue studies in Canada, they will have an unforgettable cultural experience while living together with local families and appreciating new customs and ways of life. Canada promotes equality and discrimination is not tolerated. This is going to be an unforgettable experience for your child!


Eda Varalli               Isabel Machinandiarena

Head of School        IB MYP Coordinator

School Curriculum and General Information

Wheatley School is a Montessori school for children 2-9 years of age and offers a three-year International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP) for children 10-14 years of age. This is an integrated curriculum that combines the IB MYP requirements with those established by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, and enriched with optional extracurricular activities. As preparation for high school, children in the Upper Elementary School, Grades 5 to 8, students rotate to specialty teachers for all subjects in the curriculum.

We also offer an International English Language Exchange Program for those students, who might be interested in improving their English language skills while continuing with their IB MYP. These students will take part in all the school activities offered by the school.


Eight subjects are offered and all subjects are taught in English, with the exception of French. The school also offers English as Second Language lessons (ESL) for those students that require support.

• arts (visual arts, drama and music)

• language A (English)

• language B (French and ESL)

• humanities (History and Geography)

• mathematics

• physical education

• sciences

• technology

The school offers certificates of courses taken, report cards and a diploma to those students who complete Grade 8, the last one in our school.

General Information


The music program encourages students to explore the wonders of vocal and instrumental music. Performance and basic music theory skills are taught and reinforced. Students may opt to play in concert band or sing in the school choir. All elementary children have the opportunity to take private instruction in piano, and voice and they all stage a yearly musical production.


The art program provides the children with the opportunity to learn the elements and principles of art and design through working with a variety of media. The students also study exemplary works of art by famous artists. Our students’ artistic talents are celebrated at out Annual Art Show.


Students develop communication skills, and build their self-confidence as they participate in story theatre, choral speaking and role-playing. All students participate in the city-wide Kiwanis Choral Speaking Contest and our Music Production.

Physical Education

Our P.E. program meets the physical needs and satisfies the child’s love of movement. The child-centered program respect the uniqueness of each student, and all students are given the opportunity to develop and maintain a level of physical fitness proportionate with their own abilities. The in-school classes follow a curriculum specific to each age group. The program also includes health studies and social skills training. An exciting extracurricular Sports Program augments the physical education class. Students may join the school’s sports team and compete with other schools in the area. The goal for our students is to develop skills and strategies, good sportsmanship and team spirit.

Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education Programs emphasize outdoor and conservation education through hands-on participation in a variety of field activities. Every year, students experience enriching camping experiences, such as two-day camping at Camp Wetaskiwin and a four-day trip to Camp Kandalore Outdoor Education Centre, outside of Toronto. Field Trips Field trips are an important part of the curriculum. There are many trips scheduled throughout the year. Trips to theaters, art galleries and museums support the curriculum and enrich learning.


Tribes are important in creating a school community and give children an opportunity to develop leadership skills, organizational and decision-making skills and nurture social and emotional development. All elementary students are divided into four tribes.


All children participate in clubs during the year. Their purpose is to broaden children’s interests. Clubs vary from beading to pottery. We welcome parents who would like to share an interest or hobby with our students. Clubs take place during lunch.

School Uniform

Wearing the school uniform is mandatory. The school uniform is available for purchase at the school’s Uniform Store.

School Hours

The school day begins at 8:45 am and ends at 3:45 pm for all students. Extended hours are available for early morning drop-off and late end of the day pick up.

Home Stays with Canadian Families

Each student is hosted by a Canadian family, who welcome the student as one of its own members. Therefore, they are expected to always show respect towards the hosting family and the school. The homes have been selected within a well located, safe and clean area. Information related to the customs and way of life of the host family will be provided. In the case of students belonging to a religious denomination, they will be assigned to a family of the same denomination, so that the student can continue observing religious holidays and other customs and traditions. A list of detailed responsibilities including rules and behavior expectations of the students during their stay with the host family will be provided.

Medical insurance: All the students are covered with a medical insurance; a Canadian company that provides total coverage for medical consultations, medicines and hospitals. The medical insurance does not cover dentist consultations (unless an emergency), lenses or pre-existing illnesses. (Cost is about CDN 65 per month.) When the student feels sick, they may visit the family doctor, a walk-in (emergency) clinic or the hospital. Sometimes the student may have to pay for the consultation or medicines (this varies according to the doctor and to the clinic), in which case, the receipts should be sent to the insurance company which will refund the total expenses within two or three weeks. In the case where the student does not pay for the medicines, the bill will be sent to the insurance company, which will make a direct payment to the hospital or clinic.

Personalized Supervision: The student academic development and well-being is constantly supervised by a counselor or guardian. In the case of any problem arising at school or with the family, it is very important that the student communicates with his/her counselor, who will immediately work on solving the problem.

Optional Trips: The program will offer trips to different places during the year, such as Canada’s Wonderland, a ski weekend trip, visits to the cities of Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal or to New York and/or other points of attraction, which will have an extra cost. The trips and their pricing will be announced well in advance. As these trips will depend upon sufficient enrollment, once the student has registered, paid and confirmed the trip, there will be no refunds.

VISA: To be able to study in Canada, every student is responsible to obtain a STUDENT VISA from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate of its country of origin. Once the registration payment has been received, Wheatley School will issue a Letter of Acceptance and a Letter of Guardianship, which will be presented at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in order to receive the STUDENT VISA.

Telephone calls: Students are advised to buy prepaid phone cards to call their families. Also it is important that parents call their children only once a week. In the case that a student needs to use the home phone, it is his/her responsibility to pay the host family for the call.

Winter holidays: Students have two-week winter holiday in December and January (Christmas and New Year weeks). In the event that the family decides the student should return to his/her own country for holidays, the trip and tickets can be arranged from Canada. The cost of the transportation from the Niagara Region to the airport and vice versa is extra and should be paid by the student (approx. $100,00 each trip). We are sure that the stay of your children in Canada will be an enriching and unforgettable experience.